The Powr of Cow

STATEMENT OF DISCLOSURE: The Powr of Cow is a confidential book distributed to Chick-fil-A employees only. As such, I cannot write a normal book review about it, as it would spoil the book’s contents, as well as violating that whole “confidential” thing.

NOTE: The title is intentionally misspelled because of Chick-fil-A Cow marketing, which is described in detail in the book. You may notice it on other Cow marketing.

Oral Review with my Marketing Coach

We felt that the book could be a good resource for marketing my blog and developing a brand around me. I learned that it’s important to be consistent with advertising once you find a good idea to market. I recommend that all Chick-fil-A employees request a copy of this book, as it’s a great guide for understanding more about the marketing industry.

The book was co-written by the CEO of The Richards Group, one of the top marketing groups in the country.

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