Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick is a book about LEGO’s history as a company and how it managed to save itself from bankruptcy in 2003. The book provides some insight into LEGO’s development process for products and also the very products which caused its financial downfall.

I think the book is a great read for adults and a great lesson for businessmen. Even though there is some profane language, all of it comes from quotes, so it wasn’t the author who deliberately put it in; it was part of the quotes. I also think that the book is a great resource for researching the history of LEGO.

One of the most interesting facts I learned was that LEGO Fabuland didn’t stick around for long; even with all the things LEGO did to help it sell, it never really caught on and was discontinued. (Comment if you remember LEGO Fabuland and/or actually bought one of the sets!)

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