Fearless is a book written by New York Times best-selling author Max Lucado, who is also known for writing children’s books. The purpose of the book is to help people stop worrying about being fired or worst-case scenarios and have faith in God. Specific examples given of these include fears of global calamity, being unimportant and worthless, and other wasteful fears that accomplish nothing. I think that the reason we fear is because we lack faith. However, we NEED to have faith in Christ and believe, for if we didn’t, we’d worry about every little thing. And

that’s just wasteful.

I agree in reviewing this book with the author, as people worry so much about such crazy things like a monster coming out of the closet that they buy a self-help book to deal with that if it ever happened, which it just couldn’t anyway. The reason I was even ASSIGNED this book is because my mom wanted to help me comfort my OWN fears, which really helped.

I highly recommend this book to people who struggle with/are buried in their own fears, as well as people who lack faith.

INTERESTING PASSAGES: There is a passage at one point telling parents not to be so overprotective and to also not reduce discipline and lower boundaries, but take their parenting fears to God. I find this interesting because some parents are so paranoid that they will take every protective measure to ensure their child’s safety, which I find ridiculous at certain extremes.

Another paragraph later on describes how the Titanic‘s builders settled for cheap, poor-quality rivets (which held the ship together). Upon collision with the iceberg, the heads of the rivets popped right off, causing the ship to sink very quickly. (And the Titanic was supposedly unsinkable. Not!)

A photo of the book's front cover.

A photo of the book’s front cover.

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