Who Is Bill Gates?

Who Is Bill Gates?” is a book in the “Who Is…/Who Was…” series, written by Patricia Brennan Demuth. This particular book is about the life of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. The book explains the events of Bill Gates’ childhood, how he co-founded Microsoft, and how he eventually left Microsoft and created the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fight diseases such as polio in countries that don’t have the cash to pay for vaccines.

I think the book is a great choice for children who like to toy with Windows computers and want to know more about who co-founded the company that produces them. Even though it’s more of a children’s book, I still liked it nonetheless.

FUN FACT: Microsoft originally had a hyphen in the name (Micro-Soft), but it was dropped very quickly. Also, Microsoft wrote software for several other computer companies before the age of Windows.

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