Akeelah and the Bee

Akeelah and the Bee is a 2006 movie about a young girl named Akeelah Anderson, who attends Crenshaw Middle School, a black school in south Los Angeles. In the film, Akeelah signs up for her school’s Spelling Bee after a man named Mr. Welch suggests it. Akeelah enters and wins. At the district bee, Akeelah almost doesn’t move on to the Regional Bee, but one contestant is caught cheating, allowing Akeelah to move on. Later, Akeelah meets a Chinese boy named Dylan Chiu, who tells Akeelah that she needs a coach after she misspells “xanthosis.” At the Regional Bee, Akeelah’s friend, Javier Mendez, stalls so that Akeelah can return on stage after her mother, Tanya, pulls her aside. Eventually, Akeelah’s coach quits because she reminds him of his dead daughter Denise. Akeelah loses her motivation after she loses her friend and the pressure of her neighborhood’s residents to make them proud sets in. However, Tanya tells Akeelah that if she looks around, she’ll realize she has “50,000 coaches.” Akeelah recruits her friends and family to prepare, and then they all go to Washington, D.C. Will Akeelah win the Scripps National Spelling Bee? Find out when you watch the film yourself!

I think the film is a very touching story about a young girl’s journey to win the Spelling Bee, and it has a lot for me to study. I also think that it’s just a great film overall, even if it has its fair share of occasional profane language. Due to this, parents should watch this film with their children so that they don’t get influenced by the profane language. Oh, and the subtitles tend to misspell the words, which is why this film gets a

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