The Genius Files: Never Say Genius

The Genius Files: Never Say Genius is the second book in acclaimed author Dan Gutman’s hit series. This extension of the last book basically picks up right where it left off. This time, the McDonald family’s children are in even more danger as they get closer to Washington, D.C. With even more secret ciphers, unexpected ambushes around every corner, and a COMPLETELY unexpected ending, this might just be the craziest installment in the series yet!

This book takes where the original left off and continues the story… in entirely unexpected ways! There’s a TON of stuff to keep you reading, and the same sort of Google Maps shenanigans as before. You just never know what’s coming up next, but of course, sometimes the narrator spoils it for you. But that’s forgivable, especially since I personally LOVED the book. It seemingly just keeps on going up until, somehow, the last page comes– and boy, is it a totally unexpected ending!

I personally recommend not only this book in particular, but the whole SERIES to people who absolutely LOVE zany, fast-paced action-adventure novels, and to longtime fans of Dan Gutman’s other works, including My Weird School. It’s as if this crazy train never stops for anything!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!


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