WBW #63


ORIGIN: Middle English


1 a: a task or chore requiring adroitness and dexterity

1 b: a clever way of doing something

1 c: trick, scheme, stratagem

2 a: a special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach for dexterous adroit performance especially of the unusual, technical, or difficult

2 b: trait, tendency, inclinationespecially: one strictly individual and difficult to explain or analyze

3 a archaic: an ingenious device: a cleverly made contrivance; broadly: toy, trinket, knickknack

3 b obsolete: a dainty article of food: delicacy

3 c obsolete: an ingenious literary device: conceit

SENTENCE: The word knack has eight different definitions, three of which are either archaic or obsolete.

NOTE: This word was the winning word of the eighth National Spelling Bee, which was won by Dorothy Greenwald.

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