Spelling Bee Update 2017

Hello, everyone. I apologize for the amount of time this blog has been without updates, and I will probably post more often in the future, but there might be other times when this blog doesn’t update for months. In that event, please be patient. I don’t usually write on this blog unless I just want to. In other news: I’m going to the National Spelling Bee again. Yes, you read that correctly. My winning word in the regional bee was “poach.” It’s a rather easy word, in case you couldn’t tell. I tied for 50th the first time I went to nationals, and this year, I hope to improve my standing, perhaps even up to the top 10. My mother Jennifer has been encouraging me, and I kinda don’t want to let her down. Stay tuned for more news concerning the Bee, the books, and everything else. Also, my next post will be something… “special.” You’ll probably want to know what that is, and I’ll just tell you: I hope you’ll like it.

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